Force Multiplied

Furthermore, Thomas says, Forward 48 is working to build an alumni network that will help solve Wisconsin’s biggest challenges in ways that transcend political affiliations. For example, he says, a Forward 48 alumni task force is currently working to address the issue of gun violence.

Grant Buenger Spotlight

Grant Buenger

Executive Director, Racine Habitat for Humanity 

Forward 48 Alum | Spring 2023 Racine Cohort

Forward 48 Announces Spring 2024 Cohort and Diverse Faculty Lineup

Milwaukee, WI — Forward 48 is proud to announce the kickoff of its statewide cohort for spring 2024, comprising 100 participants from Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and the New North region. Learn more about the faculty and the incredible experience starting in April 2024.