Darrell Hines

Bishop & Founder at Christian Faith Fellowship Church

Bishop Darrell L. Hines is a man of vision, purpose, and prayer.  His primary mission is to tell a dying world about a living Christ.

Darrell Hines Ministries is the global evangelistic ministry instrumental in affecting people of various backgrounds. Hines is widely recognized for cutting-edge preaching, and messages of salvation and hope that are delivered through various media outlets. In 1989 he founded Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFFC) with his wife Pamela. CFFC provides a myriad of outreach efforts garnered by Bishop and Pastor Hines through CORE – Community, Outreach, Resource and Education a four-point plan to proclaim the Word of God, uplift the family, and provide ministry to the total man.

Bishop Hines as a member of the General Board of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). He previously served as an Auxiliary Bishop by the appointment of the late Bishop Gilbert L. Patterson where one of his primary functions was to host the annual COGIC Men’s Conference.