Dr. Bola Delano-Oriaran

Dean at St. Norbert College

Dr. Bola Delano-Oriaran is an esteemed advocate for equity and multiculturalism in education and society. With over 30 years of experience, she has dedicated her career to empowering students from marginalized communities to pursue higher education opportunities. Dr. Delano-Oriaran earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Savannah State University, Georgia, and her Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University. She currently serves as an associate professor of education and the director of the Student-Teaching Abroad program at St. Norbert College.

In her role of Dean & Professor at St. Norbert College, Dr. Delano-Oriaran has focused her teaching and scholarship on issues of diversity and inclusion in schooling and society. She is particularly passionate about positioning people of color for academic and professional success and engaging predominantly white communities and school districts in critical conversations on race and social injustice. Her research interests also include authentic critical culturally engaging service-learning, closing the opportunity gap, and multicultural education.

Dr. Delano-Oriaran is a prolific writer and has contributed to numerous refereed journals and books on diversity and inclusion issues. She has also edited two volumes on service-learning: the 2015 SAGE Sourcebook of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement and the forthcoming volume on Culturally Engaging Service-Learning with Diverse Communities. Additionally, Dr. Delano-Oriaran is a sought-after consultant and public speaker, sharing her expertise on diversity and inclusion best practices in community engagement.

As a founder and co-founder of various initiatives, including African Heritage, Inc., Umoja, and the African Heritage Emerging Student Leaders Institute, Dr. Delano-Oriaran has made significant contributions to promoting diversity and inclusion. Her dedication to this cause has been recognized through numerous awards, including the 2020 Ethics in Action Award, the Sister Joel Read Civic Engagement Practitioner Award, and the City of Appleton’s Toward Community Unity in Diversity Award. She has also received recognition from St. Norbert College, the Wisconsin State Human Relations Association, and was named one of the 28 most influential African-Americans in Wisconsin. Dr. Delano-Oriaran continues to be a leading voice in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in education and society.