Pamela Hines

Pastor & Founder at Christian Faith Fellowship Church

Pastor Pam, as she is affectionately called, pastors Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFFC) in Milwaukee, WI with her husband of 38-years, Bishop Darrell L. Hines. Her unbridled passion is to cultivate the total woman and it is evident in her effort to produce viable resources that has ministered to every facet of women; including utilizing her influence as a Certified Image Consultant, Lady Hines produced The Women’s Image Course, a self-help manual for woman looking to improve their self-worth; additionally she formed Covenant Girls, a rites of passage for teen girls, and launched a spa collection, Perfect Peace, which consists of varying face & body washes, butters, and balms. Pastor Pam is the founder of the newly launched Wife’s School, and the acclaimed author of A Wife’s Prayer.

Pastor Pamela, who is the author of several books. has been featured on national radio and television for her appeal to woman. Such programming as Praise the Lord (TBN), Joni & Friends (Daystar TV), and Babbie’s House (WATC Atlanta) has welcomed her. She has also graced the pages of such periodicals as Charisma, Gospel Today, Jet Magazine, and Empowering Everyday Women.